Lee County Sheriff Office Deputy Dogs

LCSO Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol Program

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol Program is recruiting residents and their pets to serve as community sentinels while out on their daily walks. Headed by Lieutenant “Bosco,” a 7-pound Havapoo-Poo, and Deputy “Chance,” an abused and abandoned Florida cur dog rescued by Lee County Animal Services and later adopted and deputized by Sheriff Carmine Marceno, the Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol initiative encourages pet owners to pay closer attention to suspicious activity while out with their pets and report concerns to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The partnership with Lee County Sheriff’s Office is a very important one as both organizations have common threads in the mission and leadership for the intolerance of animal cruelty.

Are you interested in enrolling and becoming a Deputy Dog? Visit www.deputydogs.com. Be sure to click on  “Become a Deputy Dog.”