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CCAS Online Auction

Helping Bring New Hope To Homeless Animals!

The 2023 Online Auction is Closed

Thank you to all the donors and participants!

Every donation and dollar you contributed will go to help shelter animals in need.

We appreciate your support and look forward to the next online auction planned for Summer 2024.

How To Participate in the Auction

Step 1 – Register as a bidder.
To register, click here and click the “Join the Auction to Bid” button and fill out the bidder registration. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  On the registration form, where it asks for “Notification Setting”, we HIGHLY recommend selecting BOTH (for email and text messages).  This will make logging in much easier (see step 2 below) and it will keep you informed throughout the auction on the items you bid on.  

Once you’ve entered your information, click on the green “Let’s Get Bidding!” button, and you will then see the name and bidder number you’ll be using to place bids.

Step 2 – Login to auction.
Click here to login to the auction AFTER you have registered. The Log In button is also located on the top right of the auction page. Note that you don’t need a password! Just enter either the phone number or email address you registered with, and it will email and/or text you a link to login via a”magic link”. 

What are “magic links”?

The magic link is a secure link automatically sent to a bidder’s email or phone number (via text) that allows the participant to click and confirm their identity to log in, instead of having to enter their password.

The “magic link” is sent when a participant clicks on “Log In” on an Auctions page, or if someone clicks on “Place Bid” and has not yet logged into the page.

The link is sent to the email or phone number that the participant has associated with their bidder account, to make logging in and participating in the auction even easier!

Clicking the link will redirect you to a page where you can re-enter your email or phone number; the system will then automatically verify that this information is correct and securely log you in to the auction.

Step 3 – View auction items and bid!

Once logged in, navigate to the auction items. You can filter by category or scroll through each page. You have the option to “favorite” items by clicking the heart, and then navigating to “My Favorites” to view those items.  If you place a bid, those will be listed under the “My Bids” section.

Note: Winning bidders will be contacted at the close of the auction to arrange pick up at the shelter. Items requiring shipping will be at the expense of the bidder. Questions about auction items can be emailed to [email protected].

–Common Bidder Questions–

How does a Bidder make a bid on an auction item?

After a bidder has created an account and is logged in, a Bidder can make a bid on an Auction item by clicking on the green “Place Bid” button underneath that specific item.

The Bidder will then be directed to a page with additional details on the item, including the value of the item, the “minimum bid increment”, and how much time is left to bid on that particular item.

Bidders can then enter an amount that they’d like to bid on the item, as well as a “Maximum Bid.” The Maximum Bid is an amount that you can set to allow the system to automatically bid for you – up to that specified amount. (That way, you can continue to automatically bid on an item without worrying about bidding over your limits!)

Once a Bidder has entered their bid and a Maximum Bid, then they can press the green “Place Bid” button – and voila! They’ve submitted a bid!

The bidder should receive a notice at the top of the screen confirming that the bid was successful, and that they are now the highest bidder.

Bidders can then return to the main Auctions page by clicking on the “All Items” link below that confirmation message.

How can a Bidder see the items that they’ve made bids on?

Bidders can see the items that they’ve made bids on right from the main Auction page!

There is a section under the auction’s description and image where a Bidder can toggle between three different views.

To see all of the items that they’ve bid on (regardless of if they have the highest bid or not!), they can click on the option to view “My Bids.”

Can a Bidder make a list of the items they’re most interested in?

Yes! Bidders can make a list of their “favorite items” by clicking on the small “heart” icon next to the name of the item.

They can then access that list by selecting the “My Favorites” view from the main Auctions page. 


How Your Bids Will Make A Difference

Auction proceeds benefit shelter animals in need of a second chance. Often animals come to CCAS with special needs and even dire circumstances.  Many of which require thousands of dollars of medical care. Proceeds will go to caring for these amazing animals deserving of a happy, healthy life. 

Now more than ever, the Cape Coral Animal Shelter needs donations.  It became clear early on that expansion was going to be necessary even sooner than originally planned.  CCAS plans for a major expansion of both the shelter and clinic operations.  This Online Auction will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal.  This will include a 14,000 square foot shelter which will give us an additional 40 dog kennels and 8 cat condos, allowing us to save hundreds more lives in the years to come.  This project will also include a remodel of our existing building to expand our clinic operations, allowing us to serve hundreds more clients and their pets each month, providing quality, affordable veterinary services.  Continued support from this amazing community will be greatly needed and appreciated.

Rescue dog named Treasure

Meet Treasure

Treasure came to CCAS from Desoto County. She came in with bad break to her right leg. It was assumed she had been hit by car. Treasure had severe loss of skin (degloved) and was severely swollen. CCAS’ Director of Medical Operations, Dr. Davis, x-rayed and determined to treat without amputation. 

Treasure is currently in foster care getting the medical care and attention she needs to heal.  She is a very sweet girl and will make a perfect companion once she is ready for adoption! Treasure deserves a second chance at a happy life.

Rescue cat named Gordo

Meet Gordo

Gordo arrived at CCAS and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite.  He is a sweet, soft-spoken kitty who is a total love bug!

Upon arriving at the shelter, Gordo required medical attention including a dental procedure for teeth removal stemming from a pretty bad infection.  He is also FIV+, but that doesn’t make him any different than any other kitty as he can live a long, happy, normal life.

Update: Gordo was recently adopted. This is why we do what we do!

Featured Auction Items

CCAS featured online auction item: Jetblue round trip tickets

Don’t miss your chance to “jet” away with this auction item.  This package includes round trip tickets for two to any city, from any city where Jet Blue flies.  Off you go on your next great adventure!

CCAS online auction featured item: "Origami Paddler" Kayak/Paddleboard Hybrid

Do you love to kayak and paddle board?  Well, now you can do both with one amazing piece of equipment–the “Origami Peddler” folding kayak/paddle board hybrid.  This could be the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life.

This beautiful 18k gold over sterling silver garnet and diamond bracelet will be great addition to your jewelry collection.  Recently appraised for $300, this bracelet comes in the original box and would be a great Christmas gift.

Downtown Fort Myers-River District Experience. Includes: one night at the Luminary Hotel, dining gift cards to City Tavern, The Veranda, and Firestone Martini Skybar, along with a Enjewl Boutique gift card and gift basket from Naples Soap Company.