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Puppy Training

Canine Behavior Services

Cape Coral Animal Shelter is proud to partner with Canine Behavioral Services to offer puppy training classes. They are held at the Cape Coral Animal Shelter located at 325 SW 2nd Ave, Cape Coral.

Canine Behavior Services philosophy includes:

-Utilizing positive reinforcement and learning theory methods.
-Teaching training techniques to human beings through the dog’s point of view.
-Setting the dog up to succeed.
-Avoiding the use of intimidation, physical punishment, or fear.
-Helping you and your puppy live together in a mutually-respectful relationship through real-life training.

About the trainer:

Mary-Frances Morris has a degree in psychology & learning theory. Over the years she has gained many different certifications in the field and continues to advance her knowledge every year. She started her animal training career with dolphins and other marine mammals. She has been training dogs and coaching people for over 25 years. She is a mentor trainer for A.B.C. and C.A.T.C.H Dog Trainers’ Academy and an evaluator for Pet Partners pet therapy group. Mary Frances has a special gift when working with rescue dogs—she understands their uniqueness and trains with compassion and understanding.


Puppy Training Class Schedule

Puppy classes will teach the puppy essential life skills so that they understand their role within the family. It will boost their confidence and teach the owner how to communicate with the puppy in a way that the puppy understands.  It will teach appropriate social skills towards people and other animals. Basic cues such as leash manners, sit/stay, down/stay, place, leave it, look and touch will also be taught.

These are 5-week classes for $150/per puppy. This is a special price for adopters. If non-CCAS dogs want to join class, it will be based on space available as CCAS alum get first dibs. Non-CCAS pups will be charged $175/per puppy. Each class is limited to 10 puppies and their human beings. 

The current start dates for the 2024 summer series will be as follows. All classes begin at 8:30am.

-May 25th, 2024
-August 10th, 2024
-September 28th, 2024

Puppies must be up to date on all appropriate vaccinations (DA2PP and rabies, you must bring proof). 

The enrollment fee of $150 is payable to “Canine Behavioral services” before the day of the first class. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete any remaining paperwork and to make payment. Please bring your puppy’s current medical records.


These workshops are a one time/one hour workshop on a specific topic for post-adoption support.  You sign up for each individual workshop. Each workshop is $40. The four workshops are as follows:

Workshop Schedule:

Workshop 1 – No More Pulling

-10:30am Saturday January 6th
-9am Friday January 12th
-10:30am Sunday January 21st
-10:30am Sunday February 18th
-10:30am Sunday March 10th
-10:30am Sunday April 7th

Workshop 2 – No More Jumping

-10am Friday January 12th
-10:30am Saturday January 13th
-11:30am Sunday January 21st
-11:30am Sunday February 18th
-11:30am Sunday March 10th
-11:30am Sunday April 7th

Workshop 3 – Help, my dog won’t come when I call them!

-10:30am Sunday January 7th
-10:30am Saturday January 20th
-9am Friday January 26th
-10:30am Sunday February 4th
-10:30am Sunday February 25th
-10:30 Sunday March 24th
10:30am Sunday April 21st

Workshop 4 – Teenaged Troubles and Impulse Control

-11:30am Sunday January 7th
-10am Friday January 26th
-10:30am Saturday January 27th
-11:30am Sunday February 4th
-11:30am Sunday February 25th
-11:30 Sunday March 24th
-11:30am Sunday April 21st

Note: When registering via the form linked above, simply skip the Group Puppy Class (step 2) if you are only interested in the Adoption Support Workshops.