Items We Need

Seeking Donations – Items We Need

We are so grateful to everyone asking about donations of supplies.  We are in the process of developing a “Wish List” and will publish that as soon as we are able to accept donations at the shelter.  Many of you have asked if we will use sheets and towels—absolutely!  We just can’t take them yet, so hang on to them until you hear from us.  Please note, we cannot take pillows or newspaper.

There are a few items that we still need to have lined up before we start taking supply donations at the shelter.  If anyone is interested in purchasing these items for us, we would be most grateful. These items are hand trucks, heavy duty garbage bags, utility carts, brooms, dust pans, heavy duty mops, and dog/cat crates of all sizes.  We also need copy paper, letter size hanging folders, paper towels, and window cleaner.  Raso Realty has generously agreed to be a “drop off” for these items.  They are conveniently located at 4812 Cape Coral Street, Cape Coral (just off Cape Coral Parkway) and are open during normal business hours.