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Helping Hearts Fundraiser

Cape Coral Animal Shelter Helping Hearts Fundraiser

Help Us Save Heartworm Positive Animals!

Experts believe this year’s Florida weather has created an overabundance of deadly mosquitoes not seen since Hurricane Irma.  We anticipate the number of dogs we take in with heartworm will be even higher. 

A VERY GENEROUS DONOR recognizes this urgent need and has pledged to match donations collected to specifically treat Heartworm Positive Dogs up to $10,000. 

Every dollar you donate to the Helping Hearts Fundraiser will go directly to help treat dogs suffering from this deadly disease. 

Please help us reach the $10,000 match and raise $20,000 so we can continue to save the lives of our pups. 

The Impact of Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease in dogs is a very serious problem and a huge challenge for shelters.  Since our opening, CCAS has saved the lives of 86 dogs that were Heartworm Positive.  Some were diagnosed when they arrived, others we knowingly pulled from municipal shelters or other rescues who do not have the resources to treat it.

Most of those dogs would have been euthanized or suffered a slow, painful death if the disease went untreated. CCAS pays the entire cost of treatment for heartworm, even after the dog has been adopted.  

Saving heartworm positive dogs is quite a financial burden to shelters, particularly for a brand-new shelter like ours.  CCAS treats this deadly disease according to the American Heartworm Society Guidelines, which is extremely safe and effective but very expensive.  To date, we have spent over $25,000 for the drugs to treat the 86 dogs whose lives we saved. 

Heartworm Disease Infographic

There are other financial considerations when taking on heartworm positive dogs.  Dogs need to remain calm during treatment, which can be up to a year, and there is always the risk that the dog may not survive.  That tends to scare some people, so these dogs ultimately take much longer to get adopted.  Sometimes there are complications which then require other treatments.  Dogs come back to our clinic for treatment, taking the time of our veterinarian and technicians that could be spent on other shelter animals or clinic patients. 

Make a Donation

Save twice the lives by donating to the Helping Hearts Fundraiser today! Your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar. Thank you for your support!